The delicious smell came from inside a little paper pouch. It was like a mixture of wild berries and catnip, with a hint of dandelion. I am naturally curious, but at 10 weeks of age, I just could not resist that lovely aroma. In addition, whatever was inside was making a funny jingling sound every time I’d touch it with my paw. As I finally shredded the wrapper, the content flew all over the floor. Oops…

I had a moment of panic, but after due reflection, I decided to eat the evidence. The candies were small and slippery, and as I started chewing them up, they began to stick to my teeth and palate. And what a terrible taste… Pressed for time, I ate as many as I could. I was not even half done when my tummy refused to cooperate any longer. I threw up all the candy and then some. It made a nasty rainbow stain on Mama’s cream color rug. Oops… So much for trying to help… Just when Mama was telling everyone that I was house broken. Bummer…

That’s when I decided that it would probably be wise to make myself scarce. Naively, I thought that if she did not find me, Mama would not blame me. With a little luck, she would accuse the dog and yell at her instead. I must say that Mama has this tendency to shriek in this very high pitched tone every time I misbehave, which, despite my best efforts, happens quite often. It happened when we did not yet have a scratching post inside, and I used the leather sofa to file my nails. It happened also every time I attempted to climb the living room curtains. She even yelled from the top of her lungs the day I brought her back half a lizard. So much for trying to please her (and sharing my supper).

Anyway, to make a long story short, they looked for me all day, but couldn’t find me (I am excellent at Hide and Seek). They eventually found me asleep in Charlotte’s room, in between two stuffed animals. Mama was so happy that I was alright that nothing was said about the Skittles. By the way, the dog was not blamed either.

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