Katz’s Cats: Oreo is Hunting the Thing

Katz’s Cats: Oreo is Hunting the Thing

My eyes are locked. Must not move… Must not move… The Thing under the blanket shifted just a minute ago. It is teasing me. I know it is. Never mind: I will catch it this time, and I will shred it. But for now, I must not move…

My eyes are round, filled with intent. My ears are down. Only my whiskers tremble a little. Just a hair, so to speak. The Thing cannot see my whiskers anyway. It lives under the blanket, under the sheets. It is blind, and probably dumb, but it is there, and it needs to be stopped.

I have been crouching, motionless, for hours. Well, may be not for hours, but for a long, long time. But soon, I will be victorious. I will claim my prize. I will finally hold the Thing in my jaws and destroy it forever. And everyone will know that I, Oreo, am a Predator, a Destroyer, an Exterminator.

Aha! It moved! I saw the Thing move! Not much, just a tiny bit. That Thing is up to no good. But it won’t sneak up on me. No Sir. I am ready for him. May be it is suffocating and will soon come out to breathe. But I’ll be there to greet him. I will. And I will obliterate him, mark my word. Rats and mice, my tail is twitching. I can’t control it any longer. I am too nervous. I am too hungry for action. No matter. Soon, I will pounce and annihilate the Thing. Must not move… Must not move… I’ll hold my breath if I need to. Wait… It’s stirring! My claws are out. I dive on my prey. Like a storm. Like lightening itself! I hear a scream of pain as my nails cut through the bed covering. Mama is holding her foot and screaming: “Oreo!!! You, darn cat! What the heck is wrong with you???”

Ulla Katz, “Oreo,” Original Oil on Canvas, 8″ x 8″. http://piagallery.com/product-category/ulla-katz/


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